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What is Green Investing?

Green investing is a growing movement comprised of investors that are interested in putting their money into businesses (known as "green businesses") that are adopting and promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

Green investing covers a wide-range of topics: sustainable energy, eco-friendly building materials, organic foods, and green consulting firms, to name just a few.

One benefit of green investments is: they can make money. Some of the most successful stocks in 2007 were green companies (First Solar's stock climbed a whopping 850% in one year) -- and many green businesses are now growing at an exponential rate.

sri investment, invest green, green energy investing | what is green investing

Why it's so important...

By transferring your investment dollars into green mutual funds and stocks, you are actively supporting development that is contributing to the planet. As more and more people decide to "put their money where their mouth is", the green economy will strengthen, bringing with it traditional investment dollars.

How do I learn more?

In the
websites section of this site, you will find a great deal of information on both green mutual funds and green stocks. Also check out the videos section.

I've also listed a number of
books that discuss green investing.


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