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Socially Responsible InvestingSocially Responsible Investing
by Amy Domini

Amy Domini is one of the leading voices in the SRI movement. Founder of
Domini Social Investments, Socially Responsible Investing covers many diverse aspects of ethical investing, from screening your investments, to ways of investing in your local community. Although some of the stock information may not be current (published in 2001), it still contains a wealth of valuable information for anyone interested in becoming more conscious in their investing practices.

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Green Investing (And Related) Audio Books

Prosperity ConsciousnessProsperity Consciousness
with Fredric Lehrman

Before you can invest, you must first have the money to invest with. This audio series addresses the question that most people ask themselves, "how can I become more prosperous?"

The primary directive of this series is, "how can money become something easy and pleasurable in my life, benefiting both myself and the lives of those around me." He also addresses how our relationship to money can be in harmony with our values and spiritual beliefs.

Lehrman's approach is straight-forward, down-to-earth, and enjoyable to listen to. It's a pleasant change-of-pace from the typical "over the top" money seminars on the market.

The first part of the series addresses how to transform your thoughts and pre-conditions about money to allow greater prosperity into your life.

The second part is very practical, walking though how to set up a specific (and ingenius) system of savings and investing that fosters prosperity.

This series can benefit just about everyone. I wish I had listened to this when I was in high school.

Highly recommmended.

(Also available on
audio cassette)


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