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About This Site | How This Site Is Organized

About This Site

This site was designed to offer a good "introduction" into the many topics listed. After many years of research into "alternative" fields of study, I had amassed a huge list of websites, youtube links, and book suggestions that I email out on a regular basis.

This site was my way of saying, "just go here."

I did my best to design the site as "zen" as possible, leaving out any unnecessary clutter. I also did my best to make the site an easy read.

How This Site is Organized

For each topic, the information presented first is more overview information (this is especially true for the "online video" pages). The later material contains more specific information -- techniques and research that assume a basic understanding of the topic.

All content has been hand-selected -- not just a random assortment of links. I did my best to only include links and media that would most serve the topic at hand.

This site is by no means a complete. It's meant to be a "a good place to start" -- a stepping off point for each of the topics.


Michael Joseph Ferguson


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