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S E R V I C E 

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What are Service Organizations?

You've seen them on TV, or read about them in the newspapers -- these are the people on the frontlines providing food, shelter, and support where it's most needed around the globe.

Many people have adopted a practice of contributing a set percentage of the income (typically 5 to 10%) to worth-while charities and projects.

Why it's so important...

So many of us yearn to make a difference in the world, but tend to get caught-up in the many details of our day-to-day lives.

By contributing a small percentage of our monthly income to projects and organizations that are actively contributing to the greater good, we expand our own sphere of influence, as well as fostering a sense of well-being and self-esteem.

How do I learn more?

In the
websites section of this site are listed a number of organizations that have a solid track record of utilitizing their contributed funds into effective action in the world. Also take a look at the videos section for a first-hand glimpse of what these organizations are up to.

In the
books section, I've listed a number of books that discuss clear ways to transform your contributions into effective service.

And, of course, volunteering for these organizations can often be the best contribution you can make. Each of the organizations listed in the
websites section have chapters all of the world and are contantly looking for volunteers.