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Permaculture Books

Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
by Toby Hemenway

Gaia's Garden offers a concise, practical, and inspiring introduction into permaculture. It is well-written and an easy read. Toby Hemenway, a permaculture design teacher, creates a nice balance between both conceptual, and hands-on learning.

There are countless passages that have the ability to dramatically alter the way we look at nature. Case in point: there's a stunningly detailed depiction of "a day in the life of a tree," that takes the reader through all of the many functions that a tree provides in a single day (pg. 59).

The term "succession" is also covered in-depth. Succession is basically the process by which more complex life-forms (such as trees) build upon the support of more basic ones. Specifically, it is "the progression from bare earth to short annual weeds to tall perennials" (pg. 20). Nature is in the business of making forests. What we were taught to view as "weeds" are actually plants that are preparing bare soil for trees to eventually grow, given the proper water and nutrients. This view of "weeds", for most of us, is a significant shift in perception.

On a more practical note, Gaia's Garden goes into great detail on specific permaculture techniques, such as: organizing your garden in to "zones", creating and maintaining extremely fertile soil, and companion/guild planting. The book also contains numerous helpful charts and illustrations.

Permaculture: A Designer's Guide
by Bill Mollison

Early on, Bill Mollison realized that the most effective means of propagating the permaculture movement was to create a design course. This is the permaculture text book, chock-full of illustrations, covering a vast array of techniques and climate zones.

This book can be a bit pricey, so you may want to check your local library, or buy a used copy.

Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability
by David Holmgren

This book is a kind of "permaculture manifesto." In it, David Holmgren (an ecologist and co-founder of the permaculture movement) details twelve of the essential principles of permaculture design.

Principles & Pathways of Sustainability moves beyond merely landscape design, into a greater understanding of how permaculture principles can be integrated into the larger human ecology.

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Permaculture Books Permaculture DVDs Permaculture Gardening Organic Permaculture Permaculture Magazines

Permaculture Magazines and Publications

Permaculture Activist is North America's oldest and leading permaculture magazine.

Their website also offers a host of excellent information and resources on permaculture.

Permaculture Magazine is a UK publication that covers a wide variety of permaculture topics. The magazine is now available in both print and
digital form.

They too offer an extensive list of valuable permaculture resources and information on their website.

Permaculture DVDs and VHS

Establishing a Food Forest
with Geoff Lawton

Join Geoff Lawton on a Permaculture adventure as he demonstrates how to grow a food forest from start to finish. Over 90 minutes of quality information to get you on the right track in creating your own garden of Eden.

Check out the Online Videos section for video clips from this DVD.

Harvesting Water: The Permaculture Way
with Geoff Lawton

This video was just released, and is currently only available in PAL format.

Geoff Lawton is one of the most respected permaculture design instructors in the world today. This DVD goes into detail on how to optimize land design by utilizing permaculture water harvesting techniques.

Check out the
Online Videos section for video clips from this DVD.

The Global Gardener
with Bill Mollison

The Global Gardener is a four-part series hosted by Bill Mollison. Each segment covers a different bio-region: the tropics, arid lands, cool climates, and urban.

It's available on both VHS and DVD.

Other Permaculture Videos:

The website for Permaculture Activist Magazine also contains a number of DVDs and VHS tapes on permaculture related topics.