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What is Nonviolent Communication?

Think back to a time when you've been in a dispute with somone you've really cared about, and felt as though every word that came out of your mouth just made matters worse. Or perhaps you can remember a time where you've felt "disconnected" from yourself in some way -- perhaps you were feeling depressed or even numb.

In each of these moments, wouldn't it have been helpful if you had some way -- some tool -- in which to make a connection that would move things forward and relieve some of the suffering?

Nonviolent Communication (sometimes referred to as Compassion Communication or simply 'NVC') is a simple four step process developed by psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It has been taught around the world and has made tremendous contributions in the areas of: interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, parenting, and especially in education.

It calls for a deep listening and honoring of all feelings that arise in a given situation, and teaches how to connect these feelings with their underlying needs.

Each and every human being is motivated by the same group of needs. Needs such as: connection, listening, safety, accomplishment, respect, understanding, etc... By understanding these need we have a doorway of connection to our emotional self and that of others.

Why it's so important...

At its core, NVC teaches peace -- peace that comes, not from idle words, but from a deep empathy and understanding of what's happening inside of us, and inside of others.

NVC is being taught in schools, prisons, corporations, and government organizations around the world. As a testimony to its effectiveness, NVC is being shared in virtually every language on the planet, and its number of practitioners is growing exponentially.

How do I learn more?

First off, I would suggest watching a number of the
videos on this site. The initial videos cover a general overview of NVC, and the later videos go more into the specifics on using the four step process.

I've also listed a number of
good books (including books-on-audio) to start with.

There's also a great number of
websites that offer free learning materials on NVC.

However, the best way to learn the process is by finding a
study group or course in your area.


Nonviolent Communication was developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

From the
cnvc.org website:

"From his childhood years, Dr. Rosenberg was intent on understanding what motivated people toward violence and why some people, even in trying circumstances, were moved to compassion instead. After studying comparative religions and the stories of peacemakers throughout history, and using his own varied life experiences, he was convinced that human beings are not inherently violent. That belief is the basis of the concepts and skills of Nonviolent Communication."

In the early 1960's, after working with countless patients as a clinical psychologist, he felt inspired to share the same communication skills he had been teaching to his clients with the public.

In 1984, he founded "The Center for Nonviolent Communication" a non-profit organization which now has regional NVC training teams around the world.


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