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What is Green Design?

Everything in our modern world has gone through some design process -- from our cars, to our furniture, to our clothes. Every aspect of modern life is effected by design.

There's a new movement afoot that looks to completely rethink and rework the very essentials of the design process. According to William McDonough, one of the key spokesperson's for this new movement, green design is not just about being "less bad", it's about being "more good".

What if our cars, instead of just being zero-emission, actually contributed fresh air to our environment. Or, what if our disposable plates and utensils actually contributed to soil fertility once they've been put back into the ground?

green design, environmentally sustainable design, ecological design, sustainable product design, sustainable design definition, biomimmicry

Why it's so important...

At this point, there's no doubt that us humans have been living in a way that has been destroying our ecosystem. Given most of what we create first goes through a "design process", it only makes sense that we should start there.

The impacts of exploring green design are immense, and can effect just about every field of human endeavor. By actively teaching green design in our educational system, there's hope that the next generation of designers will act in ways that will not only provide for sustainabililty, but will proactively move towards regenerating our ecosystem.

green design, biomimicry, environmentally sustainable design, ecological design, sustainable design definition, sustainable product design

How do I learn more?

First off, I would suggest watching a number of the
videos on this site.

I've also listed a number of
good books and DVDS to start with.

In the
websites section, you will find numerous resources and groups that will assist you in going deeper into the concepts and applications of green design.


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