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Building Green
by Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan

Building Green is a comprehensive and detailed guide to green building -- the perfect introduction to the beginning green builder. Laden with color photos and insightful building tips, Snell and Callahan cover a host of green building methods.

The first section of the book addresses the various green building methods and materials available, while the second half examines the many do's and don'ts of both the site plan and the actual building of the house.

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Green Building DVDs and VHS

Building With Awareness DVD and GuidebookBuilding With Awareness
with Ted Owens

This award-winning DVD, and companion guide-book, bring together numerous disciplines in the green building arena into one cohesive package. With over 5 hours worth of video, and over 400 photographs and illustrations, Building with Awareness is an impressive and valuable addition to any green builder's library.

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