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Adults With ADD

One of the most significant theories on A.D.D. has come from author Thom Harttmann. He proposed that, over thousands and thousands of years, humanity has evolved into two basic types of people in order to survive: hunters and farmers.

Someone with a farmer's temperament can get up and do the same tasks consistently day-in and day-out. Most educational institutions were designed by farmer-types and reward people with this temperament.

Hunters, on the other hand, provided for the tribe by going on the hunt. Instead of a consistent day-to-day lifestyle, they were required to be both hyper-focused and hyper-sensitive in order to successfully bring food back to the tribe. They were also required to be highly creative in order to out-smart their game.

People with a hunter's temperament thrive on a highly stimulating work environment, and tend to move towards occupations that are creative in nature. Some ideal occupations for hunters are: musicians, entrepreneurs, sales people, etc...

In our modern-day society, people with a hunter's temperament can suffer immensely if they try to make themselves fit into systems and expectations designed by farmers.

Sadly, if a child with A.D.D. (a hunter) is not supported and encouraged for their way of being, they can grow up with an extremely low sense of self-esteem. This can often lead to addictive behaviors, which are common for people with A.D.D. These addictions become coping mechanisms for their inability to focus without a certain level of stimulation.

Managing A.D.D.

For both children and adults, awareness and understanding are the first steps.

For starters, people with A.D.D. require a different kind of diet than other people, in order to be most effective. Expanding on the idea that A.D.D. people are hunters, a high-protein diet is ideal. This protein can be derived as easily from vegetable sources, as from animal protein.

People with A.D.D. also tend to be more sensitive to artificial ingredients and preservatives. A diet consisting of mostly organic/natural foods is ideal.

Exercise is also essential for someone with A.D.D.. Going back to the hunter model -- "the hunt" required short bursts of rigorous exercise. Running a few times a week, or highly active sports activities, can greatly support clarity of thought and overall well-being. Although this is true for just about everyone, these are virtually essential for someone with A.D.D.

How do I learn more?

First off, I would suggest
reading up on A.D.D.. Because there is such a broad spectrum of opinions on A.D.D., it is advised to move towards those that stress diet and lifestyle management, over the use of pharmaceuticals. Many drugs given for A.D.D. can have life-long detrimental effects -- effecting both brain chemistry and liver functioning.

I've also listed a number of very informative
websites. There you will find both useful information and online support groups.

For adults with A.D.D., a
life coach can make a huge difference. A good life coach can create the stability and support needed to really thrive with A.D.D..


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